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Slovakia presented its Open Government Partnership Action plan at the Annual OGP Conference in Brasilia


The Annual OGP Conference in Brasilia in April 16-18, 2012 was an important milestone in the promotion of the Open Government Partnership.  More than 55 countries presented their Action plans, by which they fulfilled the obligation of entering into the partnership.  About 1190 representatives from more than 60 countries met in Brasilia (including more than 200 non-governmental) in order to discuss reforms, instruments and innovations in the field of open governance.  Open government and its connection to the economic growth was one of the main conference topics.

The Slovak Republic was represented by Filip Vagač, Plenipotentiary of the Slovak government for the development of the civil society.   Mr. Vagač presented the Slovak OGP Action plan that had been approved by the Slovak government on February 22, 2012.  Various Slovak commitments (open data portal, corruption whistleblowers, e-petitions, and openness barometer) made it to the Top 10 commitmentsof the members of the Open government partnership.  Slovak activities in the field of open government were praised by the US State Secretary Hillary Clinton during her opening speech.

At the conference, rules for further functioning of the OGP initiative were agreed.  The mechanism for termination of the OGP membership was set out – namely exclusion from the initiative should a country stop fulfilling the admission criteria. The Annual conference also marked the end of the US-Brazilian presidency and the beginning of US-UK presidency.