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Prime Minister Iveta Radičová opened a two-day conference “From Crisis of Trust to Open Governance”


On Monday, March 5, 2012 in hotel Bôrik, Bratislava, Prime Minister Iveta Radičová opened a two-day conference on open governance organized by Filip Vagač, the Plenipotentiary of the Slovak Government for the Development of the Civil Society. In her opening speech, the Prime Minister stressed that during her term in office twenty anticorruption laws and a hundred of anticorruption regulations had been adopted. She particularly highlighted the progress made in the enforcement of law, performance of judiciary and transparent governance. She accentuated that the mandatory disclosure of contracts on Internet was the first action taken to enhance transparency. “To this date, the Central Register of Contracts contains 143,000 contracts, more than 200 contracts are added each day. We have changed the method for disclosing contracts from a passive – random to an active – required disclosure to ensure that the public can view contracts,” said the Prime Minister. Further to the adopted actions, she also highlighted the changes implemented in public procurement through the amended Public Procurement Act 2011. The amendment has implemented the obligation to use electronic auctions.

Prime Minister also underlined the importance of the amendment to the Prosecutors Act. “Discontinuance of prosecution shall no longer be viable, a senior prosecutor shall no longer be authorised to order a junior prosecutor not to commence or to discontinue any prosecution”, stressed Prime Minister. “Wepromote open tenders, decisions will be available on the Internet,” she clarified further. She appreciated the operation of new anticorruption lines at offices and trust of the public in these lines: “Only 50 calls out of the total number of 800 calls to the Government Office of the SR have been anonymous, which surprises me.”

Yet, Iveta Radičová also expressed regret over the Government’s inability to bring all its intentions to a successful end. For example, the actions in liability of public officers: “The Act is ready and I find this Act important. However, we are facing an early election.” She wished that the new Government arrive at a broad and social consensus. “I wish that open governance would not lead to personal disputes and attacks on personal integrity but to a joint effort to find solutions to everyday problems of our citizens,” Prime Minister closed her speech.

The conference on open governance has been divided into several discussion panels. Participants seek answers to questions as to how to improve working relationships between the State and non-governmental institutions, how to encourage active citizens and public discussion. European Union's Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes also attends the conference.

The objective of the conference is to present Slovakia's Open Government Partnership Action Plan, which is a commitment arising from the Open Government Partnership Initiative. The Slovak Republic joined this initiative last September. By joining the Open Government Partnership, our Government has committed to provide citizens with access to the public administration, paying particular attention to the need to change the political culture, enhance transparency and combat corruption.