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Our Commitment

Slovak Republic Joining the Open Government Partnership Initiative

Slovakia has become a member of the Open Government Partnership Initiative by sending a letter of intent to participate in the Initiative, signed by the  Prime Minister Iveta Radičová. Slovakia was formally admitted as a member of the Initiative on  September 21, 2011 in New York. Like other OGP members, we must develop and deliver our open government Action Plan. Once finalized, we will announce our action plan at OGP Annual Meeting in Brazil, scheduled for April 16-18, 2012.

Minister of State Office of the Comptroller General Jorge Hage Sobrinho (Brazil) and Undersecretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs, Maria Otero (United States).
Co-Chairs, Open Government Partnership
16th August 2011

Letter of intent

The Slovak Government welcomes and wishes to join the OGP`s initiative

Dear Co-Chairs of the Open Government Partnership,

The Slovak government welcomes and appreciates the Open Government Partnership`s initiative to promote transparency, to fight corruption, to empower citizens and civic engagement and to leverage new technologies.

We do share your will, determination and call for more transparent, effective and accountable government and we consider it to be a challenge of great and decisive importance. Therefore, we would like to join this „long-distance race“ and thus to contribute to the common goal by our own commitments, efforts and experiences.

My government has adopted such several measures domestically but there is a need of multilateral co-operation, of exchanging our best practices and sending an important signal to the international community. And of course, there is always some space for the improvement.

We have launched extensive reform programmes in the judiciary, in the Office of public prosecutors, as well as by making all public contracts automatically available on the internet. In part, these changes focus on strengthening the key institutions and renewing their personnel, partly to increase transparency, and partly also to speed-up the procedures in various offices and in courts, reducing the time required for decision-making.

One of the most important challenges in Slovakia with which my government is confronted is to restore trust and confidence in the rule of law. In the broadest sense - beginning from enforceability of law, through trust in justice, and ending with the reduction of corruption rates and cronyism. We are devoted to successful implementation of these reforms in order to change Slovakia for the better.

Me and my Cabinet look forward to working with you closely on the principles of open governance, on the fulfilling of our common vision and strong belief that good ideas lead to rewards and breaches of rules to punishments, that honesty and decency at work, in politics, and also in every-day life are not to be ridiculed, but should be a natural part of everyday life.

Iveta Radičová
The Prime Minister of the Slovak republic

Manifesto of the SR Government

In its Manifesto of August 2010, the Slovak Government strongly supports the idea of combating corruption, enhancing the transparency of state authorities, improving the effectiveness of public institutions and entering into dialogue with representatives of the private and third sectors. The Government has committed to pursuing a modern, transparent and structured policy. “The Slovak Government is fully aware that if we want to build public trust in the State and its institutions, it is essential to ensure that public institutions are open to citizens.” 

One of the principles to change the culture of politics is the transparency of decision-making processes enabling public control, including access to information and disclosure of information With respect to property owned by the state, public institutions and self-governing bodies, the Government of the SR has committed to enforce transparent transactions and tenders (public tenders, auctions).”


Full text of Memorandum of the SR Government